The Humanist Blogger Magazine is a simple open forum Ezine, a community magazine for bloggers to share their work, and views on the social topics that affect us all, via a simple ‘Link-Up’ format.

If you are new to the idea of the ‘Link-Up’, then you will need to read the following.

 Q. So how does it work?

 1. Every week, on Thursday 14:00 GMT, I will post up a page for you to link your work to.

 2. Within the post, there will be a box with some html code in it. You will need to copy this code, and then paste it to the bottom of the post you wish to share. (Don’t worry, it’s just our logo link).

 3. Add ‘#THBM’ To your tags, and hit ‘publish’ to save the changes.

 4. Click on the link button, (bottom of the thread), add the url of your post, select a title, add a picture, (these usually auto select from the title and main picture associated with your post), and then click the post button. It’s that simple!

I do however, have one caveat if you wish to share a post. Can you please share the love. Please take a few minutes to read and comment on at least two other blog posts, and don’t forget to use #THBM at the end of your comment.

Once your post is up on the magazine, tweet me, @thbmag, the link using the hashtag #THBM and I will give you an RT.

It’s all pretty simple, but if you’re still having trouble, let me know and I will talk you through it. If I get the time, I will look at putting together a picture tutorial for you.

The Humanist Blogger.


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If you have concerns about an individual authors work, please feel free to politely leave a comment on the post that causes you concern. If you can’t iron out your issues, or at the very least, ‘agree to disagree’, or you have a problem with a member who posts here trolling, then email me thbmagz@gmail.com where I will be happy to have a civil, private conversation, and try to arbitrate.

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The Humanist Blogger.